Dr. Hildur Palsdottir, Rev. RMT


Hildur is a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, ordained interfaith minister and Reiki Master Teacher. She offers private and group mindfulness meditation training, Reiki healing and spiritual counseling. Hildur is equally interested in inner and outer work. She will assist and encourage you to shed harmful habits and instead find resonance and purpose that nurtures your nervous system and needs.

Hildur is comfortable facilitating both small and large groups. She enjoys public speaking, especially lecturing in schools and community centers about mindful and sustainable living. She contributes to Earth Matters, a weekly environmental column in a local newspaper.

Hildur first experienced mindful awareness practices over 2 decades ago when she took refuge in Diamond Way Buddhism. With Shamanic roots in Iceland and a relaxed Lutheran upbringing, Hildur's spirituality is best described as Interfaith Evolution-based Cosmology infused with deep Ecology. She’s deeply committed to ongoing studies of Buddhist and Yogic philosophies. She's especially interested in working with ways to resolve trauma related to eco-anxiety and the return to Earth-based traditions as The Way to heal.

Currently, Hildur is especially inspired by Lama Liz Monson and Lama Willa Miller at the Natural Dharma Fellowship. She’s committed to Ecosattva training with One Earth Sangha.



In 2005 Hildur received her PhD from the Max-Planck Institute of Biophysics, Department of Membrane Biology, where she studied cellular bioenergetics. She worked as a research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and New York University, Medical School, until in 2017 she founded Sol Center with Adina Dabija and Roopali Gupta.


In 2016 Hildur completed a 2 year study and was ordained as an interfaith minister  from the Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony, Huntington.


In 2019 Hildur completed a 200 hour mindfulness meditation teaching certification program with Ethan Nichtern, David Perrin and Dr. Shante Smalls in New York City. She’s currently signed up for a year immersion studies online with Ethan Nichtern and meets David Perrin monthly for personal guidance on The Path.


Dr. Hildur is President of the Board of Trustees for the Science Museum of Plandome. She is dedicated to bringing mindfulness and sustainability to STEAM education for all ages.


Hildur is co-founder of ReWild Long Island. ReWild pioneers restore habitats for local wildlife with native plants and trees replacing the “perfect lawn.”Hildur enjoys guiding mindful nature walks for all ages.

Sol Center is a Water Carrier for TreeSisters: Women Seeding Change. Treesisters are passionate about healing the wounded feminine energies within our culture while restoring health to Earth by reforesting the tropics.

Holistic wellness  depends on deepening our connection to the natural world. Realizing we're inseparable from the natural world is the first step in healing.

To arrange a session with Hildur please email her at hildur@sol.center

Adina Dabija



 Adina is an acupuncturist and nationally certified in Oriental Medicine by the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She holds a Clinical Master Degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and formal certifications in Korean Physical Manipulation (Kyo Jung) and Medical Qi Gong from the Institute of Classical Asian Studies, New York - with dr. Steve Jackowicz. Adina also studied classical herbology with Jeffrey Yuen for two years in New York's Chinatown.


Adina has been in practice in various integrative clinical settings since 2008 and she is also a Certified Hypnotist specialized in inner child healing. Inspired by the rich local ecosystem of Port Washington, Adina combines on the art of wholing through Chinese Medicine with embodied wisdom practices such as Daoist meditation, qi gong and local herbs foraging. Adina has been teaching weekly qi gong and leading nature walks at the beautiful Sands Point Preserve in Port Washington since 2018.


A published author, Adina helped many create the experience of bringing back the sacred into their lives. When we nurture the interconnectedness of the web of life and tune in with the flow of nature we heal that broken connection between body, heart and mind that creates pain and suffering in today's society, reconnecting to our true selves and purposes.

Mission and philosophy

"When the root is firm, the branch will flourish” - Chinese Proverb.



My approach is top down (from mind to the body) and consists in reviewing your dis-ease history and discussing and implementing a personalized home self care program. Each visit will include a series of body adjustments, fine needles insertion in the body, breathing combined with visualization exercises and herbal/dietary prescriptions to reinstall the balance in your three bodies - physical, metabolic/energetic and mental/spiritual. Ultimately, my method will trigger a self awakening process – called “immunity” when referring to the body level or “consciousness” when referring to the mental aspect – that will restore and regenerate the self regulating mechanisms in your body and life. During your first visit to the office I will go over your entire medical history and review any lab tests or other medical records you have. At that time I will make an individual assessment of what specifically is imbalanced in your case and address the root of that imbalance with diet and lifestyle recommendations. Just as each patient is unique, so too is each treatment unique - no two patients receive exactly the same protocol.

I have a special interest in: Inflammation and Degeneration, Psychoneuroimmunology and Neurological conditions.

Roopali Gupta


Roopali (RYT-200, RCYT, Licensed Yoga for the Special Child® Practitioner) began her journey practicing and studying yoga at the tender age of 7 as part of a Sunday Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bal Vihar program for youth in Southern California. In 2014 Roopali trained to be a yoga teacher at Om Sweet Om earning her RYT- 200 certification. In January 2015 she completed YogaKids Foundations training with Gail Grossman at Om Sweet Om as well. In the spring of 2015 she was certified in Restorative yoga also under the expert tutelage of Gail Grossman. She trained with master teacher Sonia Sumar (founder and director of Yoga for the Special Child®) to enable her to bring yoga therapy to those with special needs (ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, developmentally delayed, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy) and physically challenged children and adults.

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