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Out of the Unworthiness Trap

Interview with Kelly Tallaksen, Board Certified Hypnotist, author

Adina Dabija: Kelly, you are an accomplished hypnotist, a wonderful teacher and a published author working with individuals seeking help for various forms of emotional and spiritual wounds. Could you please share what is your motivation for your new book title “The Unworthiness Trap" and why you felt it is important to write about that?

Kelly Tallaksen: I felt it was important to write this book because when working with clients on an individual basis, I would help my clients reach a higher awareness within themselves and then I would guide them into their soul consciousness. This is an opportunity for them to acknowledge that there are parts of them that feel rejected by the world, causing them to reject these parts of themselves as well. They rejected these parts of themselves during their childhood years when they weren’t able to process emotional challenges. At this point, I do let the clients know that it was necessary for the human mind to reject these parts of themselves. That’s the ego mind that is protecting the soul while it’s having a physical journey. And it was important to reject those feelings so that the child can continue to function. I want the client to have the acceptance that what they did was okay; to bury their feelings was necessary. But now, as an adult, if they continue to suppress their feelings, they continue to live through their hurt child self, which is hiding from reality, which is becoming disconnected from the world. So, in order to reconnect to self and reconnect to the world as a beautiful soul being that we all are, we have to clear those distorted memories of disapproval, because that’s what they are, they’re distorted memories.

A.D.: So basically, you help them reprogram.

K.T.: Right. So basically, you’re going into those parts that you rejected about yourself, you’re going into those parts that you don’t like about yourself because somebody else made you feel bad when you expressed that part of you. So, for example, a child makes a drawing and says “mommy look what I drew for you” And she says “OK well keep on trying because I have no idea what you made”. Now the mother didn’t mean anything by it, but what happened to the child’s ego right there? I’m never going to be able to draw or I can’t please my mother and everything I do she doesn’t like. So now they suppress that part of themselves and this part now feels unworthy. So now, they’ll keep on going through life with this beautiful gift of art but they keep suppressing it. So, they’re not really expressing the truth of their soul. The ego is protecting the soul under the belief that if the soul expresses itself through art, the soul will get rejected. So, to avoid this pain again, the ego keeps that part suppressed. But the other part of the soul is the part that is trying to express. So now the child grows into an adult that is in constant conflict with themselves. They’re not in conflict with the world, they’re in conflict with themselves. So, it’s not that the ego is bad, the ego was put into place to protect the emotional crisis the child is going through, so the child can function and feel safe in the world. Now, as an adult, it’s up to the adult self to go back to that consciousness of that child part and help them process that wound instead of continuing to reject that part of them because that’s what’s holding them in continuous conflict with themselves. They’re not in full awareness of themselves.

A.D.: How many of your clients suffer with this unworthiness?

K.T.: I’m going to say 100% and I’ll tell you why. First of all, I’m going to say that people that need that deep inner healing are drawn to my work. Probably because they call me up looking for a hypnotist and when I explain what I do, they start to realize that this is what they really want. Most people are going for the superficial healing modalities, to make themselves feel good for the moment, for the day, for the week, for the month… but what’s going to happen is that eventually the conflict is going to come back. So, once I talk to them on the phone about my work, they say “how do I sign up”. I know I’ve reached the level of consciousness that they needed to acknowledge about themselves, which they have been in denial from. So now they come in and we do the healing work and next thing we know they’re sending me people because they know others who are having challenges in life, we all do. And that’s why it can be so difficult for some and not others. Because some are not holding onto these old traumas and some of us are. And it doesn’t mean that some of them are weak people and the others are strong, it just means that the child consciousness at the time felt the need to hold onto it. Some children blow it off. But most do not, because most children need to feel that approval of love and acceptance from the people that are taking care of them. And that is a safety mechanism built into our consciousness. If I don’t please them, if I can’t be accepted by them, they will stop taking care of me and I can’t take care of myself and I will die. And that’s the exact consciousness that goes on very deep inside the soul. I open them up to their higher consciousness so they can actually see where they’ve been limited, that they’ve been their own worst enemy. Instead of them blaming the world or blaming a parent or blaming a neighbor or someone who hurt them back in junior high or a bully, they have to come to the awareness that that’s over now and they do have the control over their lives now, they are no longer in that trauma and they did a good job keep themselves protected all this time. So, it brings them back to the issue of control and how it affects society as a whole. That’s going to reflect onto those who they love and they care about and it changes the whole dynamic, the whole energy around the family patterns. So instead of passing on the negativity and survival fears, they’re going to move on now, to a higher energy, which gives others the opportunity to feel comfortable around this person, so they get less reactive. And then that spreads out into the world. And I do see that we’re also dealing with societal issues and certain parts of society that want to keep awareness suppressed and we can get into a whole other thing about that but that’s not going to be mentioned in my book because that’s really going into the challenges of being in a world where some people like that they can control our minds; television, government, whatever you want to name it. So, it’s about giving that person back their freedom to be in a higher awareness to understand and think on their own. Give them back that strength and power that they’ve lost, to take back control of what they want in life and to be happy even when others around them make them feel uncomfortable or make them feel bad. The only way other people can make you feel bad is if something inside of you is already making you feel bad about yourself. So other things are just emotional triggers to what’s been brewing inside for years. So, it’s about getting them to a place where they can still accept themselves even though others continue to make them feel bad.

A.D.: Could you give me an example of someone that went through the process. Where did they start from?

K.T.: Oh, there are so many. Alright I’m going to give you an example of a woman who came to me about four or five times. She didn’t know why she had this tension with her mother but it was bad; to the point where she didn’t even like being around her mother. But she didn’t understand what she was so angry about. She also had this thing going on with her husband where he was so controlling of her but she allowed it. So, we had a lot of work to do. As I went over her intake sheet, she just kept telling me “I feel lost, I feel controlled, nobody loves me” but she never mentioned that when she was 6 years old, almost 7, her best friend, her sister, who was 8, died. She didn’t mention it on her intake sheet because she suppressed the pain of that trauma. So, she didn’t think that it was something she needed to talk about. But when I’m asking my clients “well tell me what it was like growing up”, I look for these red flags, were mom and dad divorced? did they fight a lot? did dad walk out? did mom walk out? I need to know these things because these are all the things that affect the child’s consciousness, so we don’t realize, we think it’s normal because it’s happening so often around the world, right? So, we think it’s normal. But it’s not normal. It’s not simple for us to feel connected, loved and balanced if things are off balance in our environment. So, I took her on the journey. I took her deep into what’s called a spiritual journey. So, that means I’m hypnotizing the clients to the point where their bodies are relaxed, but then I am guiding their consciousness, their soul body into an expanded state of awareness. And that’s where all the memories are. So, we’re really going into the unconscious mind. So, when we were there, it came up that her feelings against her mother went back to when her sister died and her mother did not comfort her because her mother became so wrapped up in the pain of losing a child, that she ignored the other child who was also suffering. The father became an alcoholic as his way to cope with the pain, but my client was mostly angry at the mother because the mother is who she was looking to for comfort and guidance because the mother was the one who was home with her all the time, but was no longer there for her emotionally, just physically. My client at the young age of six years was lacking the attention and nurturing she needed during this time of grief. The mother was pretty much shut down in her own feelings of depression and maybe guilt. So, as we went into the healing process, we called in mother’s consciousness. And we can do that, even though mother is still alive we can go into that expanded state of awareness where we’re all connected. We can talk to each other, telepathically, in the field of consciousness, in the collective field. So, she’s in the collective consciousness and I had her call mother’s consciousness forward to find out what was holding mother back from connecting with my client after she lost her other daughter. And the mother apologized and as she speaks through my client, because I said “let mother speak through you, let’s hear what she has to say”, my client says “she’s crying and she’s so sorry, she didn’t realize… “ and all I said to the client was “yes, she didn’t realize how hurt you were because she was wrapped up in her own pain, because she did lose a child”. And that was like the “aha” moment for my client who said “oh my, she lost a child! I didn’t think of it, I lost a sister, but at the age of 6 I didn’t realize that mom lost a child, I just know that I’m in pain and I need mom”. So, this awareness helped her reconnect with mom, helped her forgive her because now she realized that mom didn’t choose a consciousness level to ignore her, she became stuck in the fear, in the unconscious, in the guilt that she couldn’t save her own child. And now we also had to work through what was going on with the husband and to find out why she let the husband control everything with her and what came up was that she was afraid of losing her husband and that goes back to losing the sister - “everybody I love leaves me.” The trauma becomes an imprint, a soul imprint in a six-year old child who lost someone who she used to share a bedroom with, now she’s alone in the bedroom, which reminds her every night that this little girl is gone for good and she is alone. That’s a heavy burden for a six-year old child to carry. She does not want to be alone in the bed as an adult now, so she lets her husband take advantage of her fear of being alone. This is a survival consciousness that has been carried from childhood into her adult relationship with the husband. And so, we did the healing work about the husband’s control over her, and now she can stand up to her husband and say “oh no, you don’t control me like that”. So, she no longer feared the loss and what really helped that a lot is we called in the consciousness of the sister that passed and they reconnected. My client asked her sister “why did you leave me” and she said “I’m sorry, but I didn’t leave you. I left my body, it was ill. But I’ll never leave you.” So, I asked her to notice the cord that runs through her soul to her sister’s soul and to notice the way that she’s feeling about it because what we’re looking for is the bond, is my client still holding negative energy in that cord or is she holding a light, loving energy. She was holding a negative energy, it was anger, you left, it was fear. This is heavy energy which causes the sister in the spirit world to not be able to come close enough to my client spiritually to contact her, because she’s actually blocking her by having the negative emotions, which makes the cord heavy and congested. Spirit cannot break through that congested energy to reach the soul in the physical body. So, once we did the healing and I asked her what the cord looks like now, she says it’s clear and flowing. And I said ask your sister what she (my client) will see, sense, feel or somehow know that will indicate to my client that her sister is nearby and I don’t remember what she said - I think she said something like you’ll see a dandelion or something like that, whatever it was it was beautiful. So anyway, my client comes another time and she said oh there’s dandelions everywhere. And then she says I connected with my mother, we had lunch, it was beautiful. I hugged her and she says “and I’m standing up to my husband.” These are the kind of things that have got to be healed. This is the consciousness that was in my client that was causing this reality outside of her to take place. To disconnect from mother, to fear losing her husband, which caused her husband to be able to control her, which became a codependent relationship, was healed through soul consciousness. That’s all being healed through her raising her awareness to what’s actually going on. And now he actually respects her more. And the mother now is connected with her only living child. So, this is very deep work and its necessary work, so the reason for the book was to get this information out worldwide. There are exercises in the book to help the reader do soul healing work on their own.

A.D: Yeah, what would our society look like if we’d do this at a societal level, to create self- awareness?

K.T.: Self-awareness comes from acknowledging what’s inside of you and instead of continuing to reject parts of yourself, allow these parts to come up for healing. Because it’s going to change our whole consciousness, it’s going to bring you into a higher level of awareness and self-acceptance of who you really are. And then the book goes into really connecting with the soul of who you are. And once you clear what I call the soul burdens, which are all these parts of you that are in distress, that are dealing with the emotional stuff and feeling rejected and alone within you, once you bring these parts forward and you work on healing them, the soul becomes less burdened which means the soul is lighter now, it’s not carrying all that heavy energy. And when the soul’s not carrying heavy energy, it blends with the spirit of who we are, which means the body, soul and spirit are all one. But the soul when it’s burdened is not connected to spirit. So, it loses that contact. And what is spirit? Spirit is our higher self, our higher consciousness, our higher awareness, the place where love and compassion reside for yourself and others. That all gets blocked when we’re having all those burdens because all those burdens end up being stuck and controlled by the ego consciousness of protection. So, we wall off the world, we wall off parts of ourself. We wall off that awareness. So, once we clear the burdens, heal the burdens, we blend now with the spirit of who we are and we become more conscious. And if we can do this on a broader scale, it’ll change the world. So, the idea of the book is to acknowledge the truth of who we are. The book is called “The Unworthiness Trap – How to Escape It and Live Like the Miracle You Are.” We are all miracles of the great creator, but we think because we have experienced traumas from the physical journey, that we’ve been rejected as souls. None of us are rejects, and we have to understand that.

A.D.: And how did this process work for you, how did you get to do this type of work?

K.T.: I did the healing work on me. It all started with - believe it or not - I was reading an article by Dr. Mercola and I went through this stage of healing where it was all about nutrition. So, I became a fanatic about what I was putting in my body.

A.T.: How old were you at that point?

K.T.: I'm going to say it was about 15 years ago. So, I guess I was about 45 years old when I started to get into it. And I was nervous about how I was feeling, my body was getting inflamed very easily, I was getting headaches all the time, sinus issues all the time, viruses all the time, so I went to a holistic practitioner. I got tired of the medical doctors because they were not helping me. They just wanted to give me medicine and cover up what was going on inside of me, which I thought was something only physical, but it all started emotionally. When I went to a holistic doctor, he put me on these vitamins and suddenly I started feeling better, I had more energy, I felt good, the inflammation was going down, so I was obviously vitamin deficient. So, I realized that I needed to eat better, so I started eating better, I started losing weight, I started getting more energy, I started working out, and then I was very intrigued by nutrition. So, I started looking up on the internet everything about nutrition and supplements and I was following Dr. Mercola on his website blog. One day, I was reading an article on Dr. Mercola’s website that said “if you’re still suffering from sinus infections, then you’re not doing the following” and I’m like” yeah, well what am I not doing? I’m exercising, I’m drinking water, I cut out alcohol, I’m a fanatic about supplements, what do I need to do?” And as I’m reading it, I'm checking it off like “doing it, doing it, doing it, doing it” so I get to the end and it says “you’re not healing any childhood emotional issues” and I was like “Whatttt??? What does that have to do with my physical body?” Well, everything! Who knew? And now, the investigation into childhood trauma started and I couldn’t stop. I learned everything about the subconscious, the unconscious, childhood trauma, the whole ACE study, which is all about Adverse Childhood Experiences and it was just so intriguing I couldn’t stop. And as I learned more about the subconscious mind, hypnosis kept coming up. So, I said “huh, maybe I’m supposed to learn about hypnosis.” That’s when I learned hypnosis and then I became intrigued with past life regression. So, I’ve been doing past life regression and people are going back to the womb and birth, in a past life and re-experiencing emotional trauma in this life and I was like “wow! I need to do more of that.” So, I started doing more inner child work and realizing that womb trauma and birth trauma and childhood trauma is really the impact of our distorted consciousness and I believe that past life is deeply healing, but I also believe that you can heal everything just by healing what’s going on in this life. Because even if you heal past life, it’s still part of your consciousness. It’s still part of the memories. So, I always tell my client, let’s go on a spiritual journey, let’s go into the root cause of what’s causing you trouble right now, if it goes into a past life, we’ll do that, if it goes into an ancestral memory, we’ll do that, if it goes into your childhood, we’ll go there. But let’s just go where your consciousness needs to go. And it just mostly went back to birth, the womb, or young childhood in this life. So, I realized that this has got to be investigated. And as I realized that we do have memories from the womb and from birth, I started realizing what a child goes through. No one realizes that while you’re carrying a child, everything that’s going on in your consciousness is affecting that child. And I studied some of the work and research that was done by the people that write for, which is an organization that talks about the psychology and consciousness of the child at birth or pre-birth. So, as I’m studying that, I’m realizing that it aligns with what my clients are telling me. So, there are client stories in my book, where they are having an experience going back to the birth or the womb and they’re able to confirm the experience with the mother or father, which shows that their consciousness was very active in the womb or at birth. And then in the book, I also include research and information that I came across from experts in the field of birth and pre-birth consciousness. I found it very intriguing and I think people need to realize that we are conscious and we can be affected by others during our womb experience, we can be affected by prebirth trauma, we can be affected at birth by the noise and lights coming from the birth setting; going from the coziness of mother’s womb into these bright lights is disturbing to the newborn child. Just the noise and excitement could cause trauma and fear. These fears get locked into the nervous system and create anxiety. And then later in life, we have triggers to the nervous system like feelings of fear, that we don’t know where they came from. So, when I work with my clients and they don’t know where their feelings originated from, they, many times, go back to the womb or birth or early childhood.

A.D.: Why can’t the child be exposed to lights like bright lights?

K.T.: It’s a shock. And the womb is dark, you’re in a cozy space. And then you’re being pulled out when you’re born. So, it’s a shock.

A.D.: Oh, I see.

K.T.: And then they smack them to make them cry. So, they start crying, but the whole idea is that it’s a shock, it can cause trauma. And that’s why I say we need to be more aware of the incoming soul, and the consciousness of that soul in that body. Because that can affect the rest of their life. Because they had a trauma right when they came into the world.

A.D.: And in hospitals they take the vhild away from the mother immediately.

K.T.: Yes, they pull the child away from the mother. The child needs to bond with the mother immediately in the physical world. Immediately! You can’t just separate them. The child is bonded with the mother over that 9-month period and can’t lose that connection upon birth. The child is blended with the mother's consciousness. So whatever mother is feeling, the child is feeling. So, either way the child knows that the mother is the one it’s connecting with. It’s the first human there going to connect with. You can’t pull that safety from them the moment they’re born. You can’t hit them with bright lights, noise and a stranger. They have to be held by their mothers or they go into fear. And they may feel abandoned.

A.D.: We have to change the concept of how we organize child birth in this world.

K.T.: Absolutely, it shouldn’t be done like a factory. Each soul is an individual consciousness, and needs to be treated with honor, respect and concern. The newborn is conscious and aware.

A.D.: Ok, let’s go back to your story for a moment. So, then you realized that accessing your subconscious through hypnosis was such an important aspect of our healing, so at which point did you manage to heal your sinus problems?

K.T.: Oh okay, so a lot of my sinus problems came from the fear of growing up with a dad who was deemed mentally ill and what was happening was my father had sinus problems too. So yes, it could be a physical thing but it’s also an emotional thing because that’s how I bonded with him. It’s in my book, it talks about the story of my father trying to kill us, me and my siblings and my mom when we were all sleeping. He put the gas on to the fireplace. And it’s funny because also Dr. Mercola mentioned this other doctor, and I don’t have this in the book because it was very complicated, but he mentioned this doctor that talked about smell and the sense of smell and how it can trigger things. And it can create physical damage to the body, the smell of gas, to me, is trauma. And it can cause inflammation in my nose for the rest of my life. It’s a protection. I’m blocking the smell of the gas. That’s a psychological thing. So, knowing that the smell of the gas meant it could kill me, caused me to unconsciously create a protection around my nose. So, my sinus problems were caused by inflammation in the nose. So that’s the connection I made during my healing process. You know, when my colleague helped me locate the issue with the sinuses, it went back to that. So, I had to do a lot of healing work with that. That little girl that was rushed out of the house by my mother, screaming get in the car, get in the car… you know we didn’t even know what was going on at the time, we found out when we got to my grandmother’s house later that we couldn’t go back to the house because it was filled with gas, the smell of gas. I had to do a lot of forgiveness work with my dad and I had to forgive him for not being capable of being the dad I needed him to be, for not being capable of love, for not being capable of accepting and loving us. And I realized during my healing work that my father was not actually trying to kill us, he was trying to kill a part of him. And we represented that part of him.

A.D.: And if we extrapolate it to what happens in our society with the mass shootings, what would that mean if we would do this work at a societal level to understand instead of… this heated conversation about guns and gun ownership we have especially these days - where would the conversation need to start at?

K.T.: Yeah, so I always said that it’s a mental health issue. It’s an emotional health issue, it’s not a gun issue. So what’s happening in our society is there’s a lot of mental illness that’s being ignored and what I mean by that, an emotional illness, emotional distress. I’m going to say for example the guy that did that shooting in Florida and everybody was putting on Facebook “hang him, kill him, strangle him.” And I said, “you know, did anybody read his story? Just curious”. Because his parents, I understood, died in a car accident and he was shipped off to live with an aunt and uncle that basically didn’t want him. So not only did he feel abandoned at a young age as a teenager, he became a troubled teen because he was looking for connection. But he was so troubled that nobody wanted to connect with him. Even the people he lived with he tried to connect with, he wanted that feeling of security that he didn’t have. And it began to become rage inside of him, just like my father. My father tried to kill us because of his rage inside of him, not against us, against parts of himself. So, this kid was fighting against his feelings of abandonment, unworthiness and distrust for the world. So, rage begins to build. And what do you think instigates all that? If you’re already in rage and now there’s TV shows and stuff on the news and stuff all over the internet on how to shoot a gun and all these games that people play, these kids on shooting and you know… it gives them this feeling that I can do this. I can get rid of my rage. And that’s how they think they’re going to settle the score, by taking out a bunch of kids at school that they wish they could be. I wish I could be you because you have parents that love you, you still have your mom and dad, I want to be that, I hate you for that. And that’s the rage and it’s the hate, because they’re not being acknowledged as someone in pain. They’re just being shipped off. Nobody wants to take the time to say, “maybe this child needs some serious counseling, he just lost both his parents”. Oh no, it’s just you can bury your parents, the people who took care of you and make you feel safe in the world. They are now gone. Go live with people you hardly know and that make you feel like a burden. What do you think is going to happen to this child’s consciousness? So, what happens to a child who’s been abused all their life? Rage is building inside. My father was shipped to an orphanage, sodomized, sold for cigarettes, he went through hell. And the rage was building and I can forgive him for that. I don’t need to forgive him for what he did to me because I just need to forgive myself for believing I was unworthy of his love. I’m also forgiving him for what he’s done to himself. I’m forgiving him for not being able to love himself and having it show up in my life as a very disturbed part of him. So, once you can get to that point where you understand the consciousness of the soul who has been tormented, who has been highly disturbed by the human experience, you can have compassion. But don’t hold it in your consciousness as if it has something to do with you.

A.D.: Going back to your life story, how did this healing process change your life?

K.T.: Oh, it changed everything. I was nicer to my children. I was a screamer, that I realized now, was my angry inner child. And children have a tendency to trigger you because they’re constantly demanding and when you can’t keep up with their demands, you go back to that feeling of unworthiness, or “I can’t do anything right” or “nobody appreciates me.” Those are all the feelings that fall under the unworthiness trap. So, when they trigger that, the angry part comes out. So, you’re not really angry at them, you’re angry at the part of you that feels unworthy and unappreciated. So yeah, I am definitely more conscious, more aware of what I am doing. And it also changed everything in my relationship with my husband. I was starting to be more conscious of the way I treated him and to the ways I allowed him to treat me, and then he kind of rose to the occasion and grew with me, which was wonderful. It helped me in my work with my clients. I could really understand their pain once I understood my own. And I don’t really think you can work really great with your clients unless you heal your own stuff first. So, it really helped me work better with my clients. Otherwise I would’ve been triggered by all my client’s emotions. I do get sad when they’re sad because it reminds me of the sadness I went through. But I also get happy and feel very needed at that moment and appreciate being able to have the knowledge and awareness to help them through what I went through. And it feels great to do that, to know that I experienced it, I healed from it and I can help this person too. It’s a wonderful feeling. So yeah, the healing process has changed everything in my life. I’m more confident in my work, I’m confident in writing another book, I’m confident in people that compliment me now, where before I just didn’t want to hear a compliment, it just didn’t resonate. And now I can appreciate compliments. You start to realize that your energy is attracting all of that great energy. And you look at others and you really appreciate the spirit in them and you really see them as beautiful souls that bring out the best in you. So, they act like your mirror; they’re bringing it out in you too so it’s really such a beautiful connection now with people.

A.D.: So, the world looks more alive!

K.T.: Yes! Everything seems more real and loving and accepting and it just gives you that good feeling in the heart when you’re with people that you can feel such good energy around.

A.D.: That’s why the name of your company is Hearts in Harmony.

K.T.: Yes, because it’s about bringing your heart back into a place of harmony because your energy that comes from your heart is expanded around others and then when that happens it helps their heart expand back to you. It’s a sharing of consciousness and we do it with the energy of the heart.

A.D.: As life is reconfigured after the lockdown with new restrictions, there lies a bigger strain on the individual, compared to six months ago. How do you approach mental disease with the art of spiritual hypnosis?

K.T.: The remedy is in the integration of the different parts of the psyche that have split. Any adult or child going through trauma feels alone. So that child who was shipped off to live with an aunt and uncle, should’ve had some serious counseling every day with somebody who was very experienced and very compassionate and could really listen to what he’s feeling, and to help him through it. Because he was traumatized and nobody helped him through the trauma. So, it built up within him that he was alone in the world. and nobody cared about him, and that’s going to cause rage and fear, right? So, we need more people to really help these people instead of throwing them in jail because they were found on the street with drugs. Why are you on the street shooting up? They need help, right? But instead, they’re tossed in jail. Look at the people dealing drugs, why are you dealing drugs? What was it like growing up for you? Maybe they saw their father dealing drugs. Maybe their father took them with them in the car when they were five years old to do drug deals. Of course, it’s all they know. So, you’re just going to throw them in jail? Is that going to help them heal and find a place inside of them where they can find a better way? Nobody’s doing this. They throw them in jail, then they let them out of jail. What did they learn? Then you get the lucky few who decide to read the Bible or some kind of spiritual book while they’re in jail and they have an awakening. But not everybody’s going to do that. But what if we had counselors going into the jails?

A.D.: But even the counselors, they do not consider the soul level work.

K.T.: Exactly, that’s the biggest issue of them all. Because they’re going by the book, because that’s their job and they are not all that compassionate. And there’s not enough of them so they have to do it quickly. They have no time to really sit and listen and feel empathy and show compassion. Instead, they’re so busy with their paperwork on their desk. Enough with the paperwork. Insurance papers and notes and “I have to make a report”, I’ve got five minutes with you because I have to write a five-hour report. I mean, really? No. Three hours with them… forget the report. Build compassion. Build the connection. Build trust, so they can tell you where they hurt. But it doesn’t happen. There’s no spiritual connection. It’s basically “okay, so you’re in a bad place right now, what’s going on?” So, it’s basically telling them that they just have to change. They can’t change. They’re in trauma. The trauma becomes a frozen part of them.

A.D.: So, the way we approach trauma at a societal level is just, we suppress it.

K.T.: That’s what the system continues to do. They help them suppress it. And that’s why they really don’t heal, unless they have an awakening. Which some people have, I’ve heard of some people sitting in jail and they read the Bible, they read some spiritual book or they did some prayer work. They found a place to heal within them. Most people don’t do that and they need help. Everybody that gets thrown into jail or loses a parent or prostitutes themselves for survival, all of them, they all need spiritual healing.

A.D.: Is it ok to talk for a moment about the deepening of the division in our society that is fueled by the political class and the mainstream media?

K.T.: I think all the little splits are being done intentionally by one part of society that wants to keep us separated, so that we don’t evolve together because we evolve better as a society than individually. We evolve better knowing that we have the comfort and the love of those around us. I think there’s a part of society that likes to see the family system break apart. But I think at the end of all this, I think there is a huge awakening that’s going on. And that people are waking up to that part of society that’s been trying to suppress us. I truthfully think that this is a spiritual awakening, this is basically a spiritual war going on and in this spiritual war is an attempt for how they want this planet to run. And the people who have goodness in their soul are awakening. And those that are more left brained and don’t even want us to have right brained consciousness are trying to suppress the right brain consciousness and that there’s proof of that in the education system. Everything is left brained. “Read it, answer the questions, read it, memorize it, read it memorize it.” Nobody is bringing out the right brain in these children, the creative part. So, if we went more right brained in the schools and brought out not only the creativity, but the ability to think more on a higher conscious level, what would happen to that society that’s trying to control us? They wouldn’t be able to control us. So that’s about control and it’s right there in the health system and it’s right there in the education system, so it’s in all the big systems that control us, that control our lives and that’s our education, our health, our minds and our bodies. So, they even control the water system and the food system. Even toxic foods suppress our right brain, suppresses our creativity because it keeps us sick. People are waking up and I think consciousness is rising for those that have that goodness in them. And don’t you notice that more and more creativity is coming forward? More and more people are using their right brain? I think we are getting help, from a higher consciousness that is trying to help us save this planet and they need us too and they wouldn’t interfere unless we are ready for that interference by these higher beings and I think collectively we are ready. We’re ready to take back our world. It’s been suppressed, all of us have been. And what we are as human beings and soul consciousness, is suppressed, which has been this way for thousands of years, and it gives more control to the people that want to control us. But now that’s all changing. And people are rising up, they’re becoming more aware and more conscious of what’s going on, which means that we become conscious collectively. We end up calling in higher consciousness from higher worlds and we end up winning this war on consciousness.

A.D.: Is there anything else you’d like to add, like something you want to mention - anything that wasn’t touched upon?

K.T.: Yes, if anyone is interested in reading my free e-book on my website that talks about healing our unhealed parts, that can be downloaded for free on my website at And anybody who’s interested in buying my new book, it should be out sometime in 2021. I’m hoping down the road I can find someone that can work with the male group and I can work with the female group and we can even work with couples. Especially couples that are planning a family, so that they don’t pass on their burdens, their unhealed parts to their offspring.

A.D.: I’m sure your wish will come true if you put your intention out there. Thank you!

K.T.: Thank you Adina, it was a pleasure!

- From Adina Dabija's upcoming book America's Wise and Wild.