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Interview with a Rare Doctor

Dr. Anna Lups

Originally from Holland, dr. Anna Lups immigrated in the United States of America in her early twenties. After her formal training in medicine with a specialty in cardiology, both in Holland and New York, she moved upstate New York and bought an apple orchard in Hudson Valley, which she transformed into a biodynamic farm. Dr. Lups expanded her internal medicine and cardiology practice to include anthroposophic medicine, a holistic system based on Rudolph Steiner’s teachings. She offered holistic treatments to many patients for whom conventional medicine exhausted its approaches. I first visited the farm in the summer of 2015, when Dr. Lups offered a workshop on the foundations of the anthoposophic system. I was impressed by the natural order of the farm life and its imprints on the visitor’s inner kingdom. I returned at the end of 2019 to buy dr. Lups’ book, The One, then in January 2020 I asked her if she would agree to be featured in my future book Wild and Wise in America. Here are some fragments of our conversation.

Q: Let’s start from the title of your book. Who is “The One”?

Dr. Lups: The One is connected with Tabula Smaragdina - The Emerald Tablet. Its author, Hermes Trismegistus, was a human being who was very much recognized by the Egyptians - many think he incarnated around 2,000 BC in Egypt. He had a connection with the Babylon and with the future generations of the Greeks. He was an initiate. So immediately the process of initiation becomes the focus of our thought. The human being is nowadays capable of reasoning. The concept of initiation is very important. That concept embraces the wholeness of the human being. So, that means that in that time the masters that guided humanity, who were guided themselves by beings - and I am not saying human beings - connected the human realm with the cosmos. And that is very important. Hermes Trismegistus was one of the beings able to connect the cosmos and the human being and he wrote the Emerald Tablet. If you read it - the meaning is that we are connected to the cosmos and we are created through the influences of the cosmos by the beings of the cosmic regions. Our modern education is limited to only the natural science and in these past centuries it has fostered generations that are more or less blind. Unless the future generations become more open to embracing the wholeness of the human being, then our civilization will become more and more artificial. At the end of the 18th century we come at the end of “Kali Yuga”, the end of the era of “darkness”. That means that a veil is going to be lifted and the new generations born after the Kali Yuga will read these very difficult pieces like the Emerald Tablet. In the beginning they will not understand it… their resources and their teachers are humans… unless they start to open up, wanting to be aware of the wholeness of the human being. It is a masterpiece of information that the alchemists read but did not understand either and they were reading over and over again… I am reading the Emerald Tablet… then comes a time in my life, about seven years ago, when I start to understand it and I tell myself “Wait a moment, what is actually meant by Hermes Trismegistus when he is says “Are you the one?”. That is a meditation that also appears in Spiritual Science. Are you the one? - addressing a higher voice that says “You are the One!”. This became a focus for me: who is the One? But the human being evolves - after kali yuga more and more it is recognized that Christ becomes the one. We also then immediately start to reason and say I was, I am and I will forever be - I am on the way to evolve as I am becoming the God. I am not there yet but I will be a God.

"Cosmic sled in choppy waters" - drawing by the Child Artist

Q: Tell me about the Child Artist you are referring to in your book.

Dr. Lups: I met this boy in 1996 and he was only six years and he gives me the answer: “I come from above, I am the one who is deciding when to come, where to come and which mother I choose” . You can say… yes, but he is doing that with a guide. But if it is true that a veil is lifted, it means that the angels and the guides are withdrawing, so we may have to do it ourselves. That’s not so easy. Therefore I am trying to have a concept where he sees himself coming alone in the drawing and then he sees himself being on shore protected by guardian angels who will guide him. In the next chapter we examine how he is developing himself. So we see the steps in embryology - and that is what I am trying to point out. The child already knows how to develop - that is already a miracle. You have to see that the spiritual being comes in through the activity of the vortex of the pelvis, which in a female is totally round, the ovum is there and the Being comes in and possesses the ovum and goes into the nucleus and then like a spaceship he knows which sperm to choose - I have to be a female or a male. Another question I ponder is why there is so much confusion about gender and not being happy with your own body these days? Has that to do with the Guardian refusing to help in order for us to become Gods, to be in control of ourselves?

Q: What was your intention when you established Pleroma Farm?

Dr. Lups: To answer, we look at the question in two ways. You could say well, why did you immigrate to America? That was a conscious intent, so I immediately got a permit for immigration and I left my family and friends behind. I really had no one to call a friend or family in this country. So you could ask why is that, why did you buy a farm? Ever since I moved to America I wanted to have a farm. There was something in my unconscious that I wanted to have a place, an acreage, a piece of ground that I could call my own. So that place fell into my lap and I was able to buy this piece of land and was finally able to develop what I had intended to do. There is also of course another reason - that in my unconscious I had a voice that said “You have to go to America”, “You have to have a farm, you have to have a possibility of expressing yourself through the earth”; another voice that said “you have to become a doctor”. It was never a question of what shall I do after I finish school. I always knew that I would be a doctor. At end of my life I look at these two voices: one is the unconscious voice, and the deed is to have the courage to listen to your unconscious voice and not to have the voices of other people that advise you.

Q: At what point in your medical career did you started to study Rudolf Steiner and learn about anthroposophical medicine?

Dr. Lups: Having an experience in the unconscious, although you don’t really know what the unconscious holds within itself, you can say that was advice coming from above - or within. We can also call this intuition. As women we are more prone to recognize that there is a voice within that warns us if there are bad people or the situation is not good, and then we do not do it. The moment I started to study medicine, there was a voice saying that medicine is not what it should be… When you are young you don’t analyze your intuition very much, but if you are not introducing a very classical, very strict education, then you have a chance to rest more in your intuition. Due to circumstances in my biography I did not receive a very strict classical education. So you can look now and say I was a classical student. Because of the war and then after the war we immediately went into a secondary schooling that was classical and than immigrated and spent many months in transition, and also once we were in South Africa the school was not as good and thorough as in Europe.

Q: Your parents immigrated from Holland to South Africa?

Dr. Lups: My parents immigrated to South Africa in 1948, so at that time I was 12 years old. So between six and twelve I had a scanty education, to say the least, and between 12 and 18 I went to a South African girls school that did not have any classics, with the classical development of the Latin and the Greek. So the war forced to close schools, so I was a victim of all that, and we did not have home schooling or anything like that.

Q: Looking back, was that ultimately a good thing?

Dr. Lups: I feel that this education was a part of my destiny. With this kind of education you miss developing the rigidity for the soul life of memorizing and following the old structures there were so dominant in Europe. And I sense now that is an excellent thing and I feel that my own imagination was encouraged to blossom. And the tools of imagination, and inspiration and intuition are becoming known to me. That is much more different than when you follow very strict scholastic development when you cannot think out of the natural scientific rules that are indoctrinated. And those rules are that everything that you are proving in a laboratory needs to be reproducible and you cannot think out of the square box. That is much different then when you need to take a step outside of the box.

Q: When you train in medicine this is a very “in the box” system.

Dr. Lups: That’s right. My medical studies started when I was 18. The first two years were very strict, but after the first years you start seeing patients and that is very nice because you are encouraged to think for yourself and learn to think out of the box. Emigrating to America meant that I needed to redo my exams and then be an intern in a hospital. For two and a half years I had a very thorough scientific training in cardiology in Holland - the first year in the laboratory, doing circulation exercises and intubations of patients, and another year in the hospital. Then my personal circumstances were such that I moved upstate in a rural area by the time I received my state license. Once you start your own practice, you are on your own. I didn’t have anybody to help me, but the people came. And that was for 10 years of conventional medical practice in my own office, really bolstering me in the freedom of making decisions on how to treat my people, which is very nice. And in the sixties and seventies that was normal. And my personal life took shape and everything was normal. The transition came only after the age of 42. That was in ’79. I think that for many people 42 is a stepping stone into something new. You become more questioning, more aggressive, more assertive as a professional human being and you begin to ask the question: what is it that I really want to do in medicine? And I was not happy with the model that we needed to follow in medicine and I was dissatisfied with many of the treatments that were prescribed. The protocols that were necessary in order to satisfy the insurance companies. At that time I met physicians that had more holistic ideas. And I did not want to solve my problems with, say for instance, vitamins only. I found homeopathy very interesting because it is the use of the natural substances that are available in nature. Herbology consists in using the herbs unaltered and homeopathy is to use the substances of the plant kingdom in such a way that you dilute them. That follows a certain discipline that was set up by Hahnemann set on the principle “like cures like”. That made a lot of sense. That was a good beginning. I had a colleague that lived eight miles from my home and suggested that I should meet his mentor, which I did, and we immediately clicked. He suggested that he would come to my office and see patients with me. That worked out very well because I would present a patient and then after the patient left we discussed the patient and how I could work with that model of "like cures like" and with all the substances in nature: the elements, the metals, the plant kingdom as well as the animal kingdom. We are using low potency, comparing with a conventional homeopath which works with high potency. So instead of using the protocol for the phenomena of imbalance in the patient, say for instance high blood pressure or circulatory disease, or tumors etc, you don’t treat the high blood pressure or the tumor - you look at the patient and you are learning to connect the life of the patient and how that could have caused disease. So there is a connection between the presentation of the imbalance and the life work or the patient. So all diseases are imbalances between what breaks up and that what builds up. If that balance between those two is afflicted, you see the disease pattern coming out. So if there is too much thinking and activity in the brain, if there is not enough sleep and restoring activities, then you start to see high blood pressure, tumor formation. So it shows you that medicine is a wholistic approach, not a disease approach. So then for the next 40 years I did that in my practice.

Q: How did the farm fit into all of this?

Dr. Lups: I started the wholistic practice as a conversion. I told my patients I would like to convert my practice. If they felt uncomfortable with that, that was ok, I would discuss all options with them. But I would prescribe less chemicals and more homeopathic remedies. That started in 1980 - the conversion. And then I realized that the people were not aware of the poisons. They were slowly starting to wake up and build awareness of the poisons of the earth, the poisons of the insects and the filtration of the poisons into the food. I realized that if I wanted to prevent the disease and unbalanced pictures in our patients we needed to look at the earth itself. As long as the contamination of the poisonous chemicals happen on the earth, we would not be able to heal the human being. I then acquired the farm in 1986. I put my money where my mind is and see if I can but a plot of land on which I can execute this. It so happened that this piece of 100 acres of apple orchard was for sale, but it did have poisons, because it was sprayed with pesticides. So I didn’t inherit a fresh piece of land, because it had about 4,000 apples trees on it. So the question is: how can you convert an industrial commercial orchard into something that is inherently able to have the impulse to heal? So we did that, we started in 1986. We checked the soil and the soil was high in arsenicum and DDT, through the sprays that were applied, and there was also some fungus. So the question is how to take them out from the soil? So we had to remove all of the trees, that were sick. That took four years. I had built my house here in 1989, and by 1992 I had my practice here. The barn was an old beautiful farm structure that was adapted. Everything was very slow in time. We did not have the therapeutic center. Every August we had teaching programs for young folks and people who wanted to come. The teenagers came and they set up a tent, it looked like King Arthur’s tent. There were all kinds of tents on the other side of the pond and we had programs. One program was very popular and very successful, it was about the Templars. And people came. So about 30-40 people came on the farm and stayed in the tents or slept on the floor.

A.D.: How could one help humanity’s progress at this point?

Dr. Lups: First you need to understand the concept of evolution. Evolution goes at its own pace. The evolution that we are now facing is the experience of the soul becoming more conscious. We needed thousands of years to develop our intellectuality and the result of that is the encyclopedia of natural sciences. Now we are really at the point where we can no longer ignore the development of our conscious soul, our awakening. Awakening has to do with understanding certain tenants. One of the most important tenants is polarity. We have to start thinking that everything has a polarity. We contemplate in our lives darkness and light, destruction and creation. And you live into these polarities for a week, then for the next week you only contemplate on the other one, so you have your lists, and you can always add to that because your dynamic interaction with the world always unfolds. And you can say “I am only concentrating on destruction now, that which breaks down” - and you observe it in your own life, at all levels, and you can see it in patients. Then you can look at the other side of the polarity and ask yourself what is responsible for creation, for anabolism. The etheric force is renewal, is not destruction. Mabel Collins in her book “Light on the Path” says you need to develop a contemplative life and know both sides. You open up the polarities and dive into both sides of the polarity in your contemplation. Another thing we can do for the new generation is to help them become aware of their own sublime capacity of imagination. Children are no longer being asked to dwell in imagination. They are being lured into believing that the screen gives them the answer. They are not concentrating on their inner capacities. Everything starts with imagination - that is focused attention. Do not waive the focus. That is already an answer with the super-sensible beings. Because the super-sensible beings want us to imagine, they want us to go beyond our boundaries, of what is on Earth, on the horizontal plane. And that’s why what you see horizontally is an illusion. My education until the age of 12 was very poor. That is actually because we have the potential to educate ourselves. If you have a remarkable past incarnation - that is not being a queen or king, but something that you left behind as a mark of the evolution - you will not throw your diamonds away. You will not be allowed to do that. There comes a time when you will start to notice you are not a pupil any more and you start to take over the guardianship of your human being.

Thank you!


Experiencing Pleroma Farm with a group of young girls, July 2020

From gardening to yogurt making, swimming, tracing farm cats activities, reading, writing songs and poems, drawing, watching the intense night sky or just soaking in the sunlight, the wide range of activities offered by the farm life are naturally reestablishing the natural balance between body, heart, mind and soul. The order and the rhythm of the landscape and of the farm life are creating imprints on the soul of the visitor and open the door for contemplation. Every detail on the farm is carefully selected to remind of the expansive attributes of life itself: abundance, creativity and regeneration. The sun, the gardens, the animals, the trees and the lake are the masters of ceremony and Dr. Lups is the artist who orchestrated our beautiful experience.

Weeding one of the gardening plots

The Pond and the Frogs !