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The Passage into Light

the lily opened this morning

long pistil stretching up to the sun screaming: here, now!

don’t be so shameless, says the stinging nettle

don’t cast your shadow above us

cut that arrogant drunkenness

so the timid violet can receive a few rays

how her delicate body needs some sun love!

I can find thousands of ways to reach where I am needed

laughs the sun

the iris is my sensual rollercoaster

to the daisy I am giving a simple country boy hug

the sunflower is abandoning herself to me

forget-me-not makes me loose myself in the shade

the voluptuous rose keeps me guessing

and to the royal lily I bow

My one embrace comes down as a thousands different kisses

if the violet would see me through the lily’s eyes

she would burn alive

she veils herself in blue

so I can slide only a reflection underneath her shy petals

there are parts of your soul that need to spend time in darkness

this deep longing for light

makes the garden push up from the ground to the sky

spring after spring

seeking ecstasy

the body and the soul of the world

play hide and seek in the garden

there is laugher and play in every corner

the secret dream of every flower is to be reborn lily

Look for the secret passage of shadow into light

that’s where body meets soul

Be that!