How We Got Here

Sol Center was birthed at the very beginning of Harvest season 2017.

We believe in planting seeds of hope and healing of the psyche (soul).

Our core intent is for you to connect to your true nature.

We aim to nurture your path to wellness through the benefit of belonging.

We offer an integrative approach to healing that starts with noticing how all things are interconnected. Feeling part of the natural world, you will find that all you need is to reconnect to what you already are.

You are a Source Of Light!

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Your True Nature

Nature is the great teacher. Shakyamuni went to the jungle to find its teachings, Moses up the mountain, Jesus to the desert, and Bodhidharma and Muhammad to their caves. We tend to forget this, so it is important to have a practice that reminds us of it again.
—Clark Strand, “Turn Out the Lights”